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Quinella bet calculator

Quinella calculator

Use the free Quinella Bet Calculator to calculate the total price of the ticket and the possible combinations. You select the number of participants, first and second position favourites and bet value, and the algorithm instantly returns the results to you in tabular form. No matter how experienced you are, the tool will be useful and improve your success rate when betting on horse racing and other sports.

Understanding the arbitrage betting calculator.

The tool is easy to use and requires no special skills. It adds the most important fields to create a virtual bet and get information about total price, number of combinations and what percentage of the bank is being bet.
At the top, you fill in the bet value and specify whether it will be total or for an individual combination. For example, if you enter 10 units per bet and the combinations are 9, it follows that you will pay 90 units to activate the slip.
Next, you select the bet type – Normal or Standout – and how many players are in the respective race. You can select up to 24 players, making the calculator suitable for betting on Formula 1, Moto GP and other motorsports.
If you have selected the Standout option, the numbers for first and second position will appear below. Highlight who your favorites are and once you click the “Calculate” button, a table will load with the final results.
If you need to recalculate or find an error – press the “Reset” button. All data filled in the quinella bet calculator will be cleared. You are allowed an unlimited number of calculations, which is useful and gives you the freedom to experiment with different variations and combinations.
It doesn’t matter if you use the tool in desktop or mobile mode. It is optimized for different screens to provide access to all buttons and options, regardless of the device.

How to use the calculator

If you take a look at the exacta betting tool , you will find huge similarities. This is due to the similarities between the two bet types, which aim to predict first and second in the final race standings. The only difference is that with Quinella, it doesn’t matter who finishes as the winner and who remains the runner-up.

  1. Enter an amount and decide whether it will be a total for the slip or for an individual bet.
  2. Specify a bet option – Standout or Normal.
  3. Select the number of participants from the drop-down menu.
  4. Click on the numbers of the 1st and 2nd place favourites.
  5. Highlight the calculation button.
    Once the steps have been completed successfully, a table with the results is loaded at the bottom. The first column tells you how much the ticket will cost, the second column tells you how many combinations there are against the selected players, and the third column tells you what percentage of the pot is at risk.

Benefits of using the calculator

In case you have decided to make a simple quinella bet, choosing contestants #2 and #5, there is no need to use the calculator. If they both finish in the first two positions, you win.
However, the tool is useful to use when you have more favorites. For example, you have decided to bet on contestants #3, #5, #7 and #9 and want to find out what the number of combinations is. By filling in the fields in the calculator, you instantly get the most important data around the bet. This way, you decide how much to get involved with and whether it’s even worth risking against the value of the odds.
For people who like to trade, we recommend the sports exchange betting calculator. It is practical and allows easy calculation of Back and Lay bets.

Explanation of Quinella Bet

What is a “Quinella bet” and when is it used? These questions plague bettors especially if they are just entering the field and are not aware of the terminology.
If you are in the beginner group and this is the first time you are hearing the word “quinella”, relax. It’s a type of bet that requires successfully predicting the top two finishers in the standings. Unlike the Exacta, it doesn’t matter which contestant finishes first and who gets left behind.
For example, you decide to predict the outcome of a horse race and choose runners #4 and #5. If both finish in first and second position, regardless of the order, the selection is marked as winning.

Sports for which a Quinella bet is available

Due to its specific nature, Quinella cannot be applied to all sports. The bet is mainly suitable for disciplines in which there are more participants and they are competing for leading positions in the competition. In this category fall:

  • Horse Racing;
  • Dog racing;
  • Motorsports (NASCAR, Formula 1);
  • Golf.

For example, you cannot apply a quinella bet to tennis because only two players are involved.

Final words

We are confident that the quinella bet calculator will change the way you bet and make the whole process easier. With a few quick clicks, you make a virtual bet and know how many possible combinations there are. In addition, the tool returns you information about the total price of the ticket, in case the entered amount applies to each bet separately.

Which sports is the quinella bet calculator suitable for?

The calculator is most commonly used when predicting horse racing, dog racing and golf.

Does the number of runners matter in a quinella bet?

Yes, when using the calculator you must specify a number of contestants in order to calculate the possible combinations.