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Welcome to our Bet Calculator

Welcome to Bet-Calculator.Org. Here you will be able to calculate the returns on any bets that you place. We have the most accurate and reliable bet calculators on this site. If you are a fan of horse racing then you will be able to calculate singles, doubles, Exacta bets, Trifecta bets, Quinella bets, Superfecta bets, Super Hi-Five bets, and more.

If you like to place parlay bets then we have you covered here too. You will find bet calculators for Yankees, Trixies, Lucky 15 bets, Lucky 31 bets, and more. Then there are our matched bets calculators which include an accurate lay betting calculator, a Dutching 2 way and a Dutching 3 way calculator.

We have an expert team here at Bet-Calculator.Org who are dedicated to providing you with the best bet calculators available for many different types of bets. It is very important for you to know what the potential outcome of your bets will be so we have made all of our bet calculators accurate and reliable.

It can take a long time to work out the potential return on a bet manually. There is no need to waste your precious time doing this – just choose the right bet calculator for your wager and discover in seconds what you could win. Our team constantly checks our bet calculators for accuracy and is committed to add more bet calculators to meet your needs.


How to use our bet calculators

How to use our Bet Calculator

Our bet calculators can be used to determine how much money you should wager on a single sporting event, or how much time you need to spend to become financially successful as a sports gambler. You’ll often find sports bettors using sites like ours in order to help plan their wagering strategy before heading out to a specific sporting venue for the day.

Using one of our calculators gives you all the information you need about the type of bet you are going to place, and what kind of payout rates you can expect for the odds of each of your selections. You will need to choose the type of bet that you are going to place (single, double, Yankee, etc) and then enter your stake and the odds for each selection.

When you use our bet calculators you will be able to change the odds format such as fractional, decimal, American, if you are betting in Europe then you can calculate an each-way bet, and you can factor in scenarios such as dead heat in horse racing and more.

All of our bet calculators are very easy to use. If you have been placing bets for a while you should be able to use one of bet calculators with ease. We have made them very intuitive. There are instructions available if you need help with any aspect of our bet calculators. After entering your variables, the results will appear very quickly.

What type of bets can be calculated with our bet calculators?

Types of bets to calculate with our Bet Calculator

Our intention here at Bet-Calculator.Org is to provide bet calculators for the most popular types of bets across the world. At the simplest level, you can easily calculate your potential winnings on a single bet. For more advanced parlay bets you can determine what your profit potential will be for multi bets.

Some gamblers like to use betting exchanges so we have included a lay betting calculator for you. If you like to place Dutch bets then we have a two-way and a three-way calculator available. We cover the most popular types of bets including:

  • Exacta
  • Quinella
  • Trifecta
  • Superfecta
  • Super Hi-Five
  • Lucky 15
  • Lucky 31
  • Yankee
  • Trixie

In addition to this, we have the most popular matched bets calculators for you which include:

  • Lay bets
  • Free bets
  • Dutching 2-way
  • Dutching 3-way

There is also an odds calculator that you can use to give you that extra advantage. Our team of experts will add more bet calculators to meet the needs of our visitors. If you do not see the bet calculator that you need then please contact us here.

Why is it important for professional punters to use a bet calculator?

Importance of using our Bet Calculator

We’ve already established that our betting calculators are a great resource for helping you better understand the odds of winning when placing wagers on sports. When you’re ready to make a bet, though, you need to understand what you’re getting yourself into as well.

If a calculator can help you calculate winnings and losses, it can also help you to find out what you need to win and lose in order to become a profitable professional punter. For example, let’s say you want to bet $100 on a single game. Using our bet calculator, you find out that you have a 2.5% chance of winning $200 if you win the bet.

This means that if you place $100 on every game in your betting schedule, you’ll end up wagering $250 over the course of the season. However, if you lose $100 on every single game, you’ll end up wagering $250 as well.

In this scenario, you can see that you need to win $200 to make $0 on the betting transaction, but you can also see that it’s possible to lose $100 and still be profitable. Professionals can use our bet calculators to determine how to achieve the profit levels that they desire.

Most professionals use a proven betting system, and using our bet calculators is very helpful as they can instantly calculate the winning potential of several different bets. A lot of professional gamblers use our bet calculators because they trust them over others.

Benefits of using our bet calculators

Benefits of using our Bet Calculator

There are a number of benefits to using our bet calculators for beginners up to professional gamblers. We believe that the 3 major benefits of using our bet calculators are:

Know the risk of each bet type

One of the best things that sports bettors can do is to take the time to learn as much as they can about the different types of bets that they can place when they place a bet. Not only will this help you to better understand the way that different betting options work together, but it will also help you to better assess the risk of placing each bet type.

Using our bet calculators you can better understand which bets are most likely to pay off, but it will also help you to avoid placing bets that are simply too risky for you to take. If you’re unsure about how a betting option works, or you don’t understand how much of a risk it is for you, you should avoid placing that bet altogether.

Professional sports bettors take the time to do their research, learn about the different betting options that are available to them, and then choose the ones that they feel are the most suitable for their individual needs.

Calculate the odds for improvement

Most professional gamblers understand that they need to make sure that they’re placing bets that are likely to lead to a winning outcome. However, they also understand that results don’t always go as planned.

You can use our different betting calculators to determine the odds that you need to place your bets at. It’s important to remember that the odds are only a guide and that you should never bet more than you can afford to lose. However, this will help you to avoid placing bets that are simply too low for you to make a profit from.

Know which bets to avoid

We believe that our betting calculators will help you to make better betting decisions. You can use them to help you to understand which bets to avoid. When you want to understand which bets to avoid, you need to take the time to do some research on your own and come to some real conclusions about the risks involved with each bet type.

What type of calculators are available at Bet-Calculator.Org?

Type of betting calculators

You will find all of the bet calculators that you need on our site. No matter what your betting preferences are, we have a bet calculator that will help you to determine the potential for any wager that you want to place.

Odds calculator / convertor

Often gamblers need to convert odds from one format to another. Our odds calculator / convertor will help you to do this easily. By using our odds calculator / convertor you can determine the potential profit that you can make with several betting markets.

If your sports betting site only offers odds in fractional, decimal, or American odds formats use our odds calculator / convertor to use the format that you are the most comfortable with. Just enter in the odds that your bookmaker is providing for specific events and your stake and you will instantly see the potential for profit.

Matched betting calculator

A lot of online gamblers prefer to use betting exchanges these days so that they can place matched bets. It is wrong to think that a betting exchange is the same as a conventional sportsbook because this is not the case. With a betting exchange you can be either a backer or a layer and place matched bets.

To use our matched bet calculator you will need to choose whether you will place a back or a lay bet. Betting exchanges charge a commission so you need to enter this (it can vary with a back or a lay bet). Then you will need to enter the back or lay odds to calculate your potential winnings.

Free bets calculator

When you sign up for a sports betting account you will often be offered a free bet on a specific event. Using our free bets calculator, you can quickly determine the outcome of using a free bet.

To use our free bet calculator, you will need to enter your desired stake (the amount of the free bet), and the odds that the site is offering for your selection. If this is a free bet from a betting exchange you also need to enter the back or lay commission rate as well.

Horse betting Dutching calculator

If you are new to Dutching, it enables you to place bets on different horses in a race so that you increase your chances of winning. As long as one of your outcomes wins then your bet will be a winner.

You can use our Dutching bet calculator to set the desired profit that you want to make on a specific horse race. Enter your total stake and then provide the details of your selections and their associated odds.

Parlay / Accumulator betting calculators

Lucky 15

The Lucky 15 bet is popular as you can place 15 wagers on just 4 selections which provides you with the potential of a large win. Usually, the Lucky 15 bet is used for horse racing selections. You will end up with an accumulator (4 fold), four trebles, six doubles, and four single bets.

To use our Lucky 15 bet calculator, you will need to enter the odds for each of your four selections. Then you need to enter your stake per bet. If this is $5 for example, your total stake will be 15 x 5 which is $75. After entering these details, you will see immediately your potential winnings.

Lucky 31

With a Lucky 31 bet you make 5 selections and you end up with 5 singles, 10 doubles, 10 trebles, 5 x 4 fold accumulators, and 1 x 5 fold accumulator. As with our Lucky 15 calculator, enter your stake per bet and the odds for the 5 selections to calculate what the likely outcome will be if your bet wins.


With a Yankee you make 4 selections and place 11 bets which are 6 doubles, 4 trebles, and a 4 fold accumulator. It is easy to use our Yankee bet calculator. Just enter the odds for each selection and your stake per bet or overall stake. Yankee bets can be very profitable so use our calculator to assess which bets to place.


The Heinz bet gets its name from the number 57 which is the total amount of bets you will place on 6 selections. You get 15 doubles, 20 trebles, 15 x 4 fold accumulators, 6 x 5 fold accumulators and 1 x 6 fold accumulator. Just enter the odds for each selection and your stake with our Heinz bet calculator to see your potential profit.


A Goliath bet is usually 247 bets across 8 selections. With our Goliath bet calculator you need to enter your stake per bet and then the odds for the 8 selections you have made. The calculator will immediately display your potential winnings and profit for this giant bet.

Super Heinz

For a Super Heinz bet you need to make 7 selections and the combination of doubles, trebles, and accumulators will give you 120 bets overall. To immediately determine your potential winnings and profit, use our Super Heinz bet calculator and enter the odds for each of your 7 selections and your stake per bet.

Round Robin

We have a Round Robin calculator for you to assess your profit on winnings from the 3 selections and 10 bets in total. A Round Robin bet consists of 3 single stakes about up-and-down bets, 3 doubles, and a single treble. Just enter the odds for your 3 selections in our Round Robin calculator and your stake per bet to see your potential winnings.

Lucky 63

You need to make 6 selections for your Lucky 63 bet and the combination of singles, doubles, trebles, and accumulators gives you 63 total bets. Use our Lucky 63 bet calculator by entering your stake per bet and the odds for your 6 selections and see your potential profit in an instant.

We have many more bet calculators for you to choose from at Bet-Calculator.Org.

Final words

Calculating the potential winnings and profits from specific bets you are looking to place will take you a lot of time manually especially if the bet is complex. By using our professional bet calculators, you can determine the potential winnings and profits for a wide range of popular bets immediately.


Why should you use our bet calculators?

Using our bet calculators will save you a lot of time and effort determining the potential profitability of your bets

Are the bet calculators accurate?

Yes, we check all of our bet calculators for accuracy and reliability

Why do you have so many bet calculators?

Our aim is to provide you with bet calculators for all of the most popular types of bet

Will you add more bet calculators?

Yes, our expert team regularly work on new bet calculators