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Exacta bet calculator

Exacta calculator

Understanding the arbitrage betting calculator

The purpose of the following Exacta Bet Calculator is to help anyone who has decided to predict horse racing. It makes it easier to calculate the probabilities and to work out how much to bet.
Correct filling of the fields is required for the algorithm to calculate the possible combinations and the final price of the ticket.
At the beginning, the bet is determined – whether it will be a total bet or a single unit bet, then the type of bet, the contestants and the favorites for the first and second positions are specified.
The system performs an immediate calculation of the price and combinations after the calculate button is highlighted. The complete information appears in tabular form, which helps to make an adequate decision and place the optimal Exacta bet.

How to use the tool

It does not require vast knowledge and extensive technical know-how to apply the Exact Bet Calculator.
We have listed all the steps that need to be gone through, but you will find the hands-on experience most useful. Test the tool freely, enter different data and see what results it returns. In this way you will get the best idea how to handle it and when its use is necessary.

  1. Enter a bet amount in the first field. Then indicate whether it is for a single column or for the entire combination.
  2. Select the bet type – Normal, Standout, Boxed, Roving Banker. The first type is most commonly used.
  3. Specify the number of players from the drop-down list (from 1 to 24).
  4. Mark the numbers of the favourites for the first and second positions.
  5. Press the “Calculate” button.
  6. A table will appear at the bottom with the ticket price, combinations and percentage of the bet against the bank.
    In case there are incorrect entries, you can reset them from the orange button.

Benefits of using our tool

Similar to the quinella betting calculator, this tool helps you calculate all combinations against the favorites for first and second position. The difference with Exacta is that it requires specifying and predicting the leaders in a consistent order.
Using the calculator, you try different betting options and select an unlimited number of favourites for the top two places. You specify the number of riders who will take part in the race and mark those who you think are likely to finish in the top 2.
For example, if you select horses #1 and #2 as contenders for the lead and horses #3 and #4 for second place, the calculator will show you that there are a total of four possible combinations. Depending on the bet amount entered, the total price of the ticket is determined and displayed in the “Cost” field.
The tool gives you the freedom to experiment with different Exacta bets before making a final decision. There are no limits on the bet amount (b.a. – as long as it is above 0), the number of participants and the favourites selected. There’s even an “All Field” button to note the numbers of all the horses/hands.

If you are on a lookout for other horse-betting tools try our Trifecta calculating tool.

Exacta bet explanation

We’ve hinted at the features of the Exacta Bet and its similarities to the Quinella. It is a type of market that is found primarily in horse racing, dog racing and motorsports. Aim at guessing the top two runners, but in consecutive order.
For example, if you mark racer #5 in the first zone, then racer #3, they must finish 1st and 2nd respectively to win. In the event that #3 wins and #5 finishes 2nd, you lose.
Due to the complexity of the selection and the lower probability of success, the Exacta odds are high. This applies exclusively when betting on horses/boys pointed as outsiders in the race.

Sports for which we can use the Exacta bet calculator

The mission of this tool is to help horse racing bettors. In some cases, it can be used when betting on motorsports or other individual disciplines in which participants are ranked in consecutive order.
Dog racing is also suitable when applying the tool. Here too, there are options for betting on first and second positions in exact order. If you have more favorites in the race, you mark them in the calculator and get information about the number of combinations and the required bet.
It is possible to calculate an exacta bet on a golf tournament where however more players are fighting for the top two positions. Therefore, the better option is to head to a golf betting calculator that is free and easy to use.


Thousands of users have taken advantage of the exacta calculator to calculate possible combinations and make a justifiable betting decision.
The tool is structured in a tabular form, and each field has information about the required information and figures opposite. If the data is entered correctly and the calculation button is highlighted, the final results appear at the bottom.
It is important not to omit any fields and not to specify a different bet type than the one placed with the bookmaker, as the calculation will be inaccurate.

Does the number of participants in an Exacta bet matter?

Yes, you must specify the number of horses in the race in the Exacta Bet Calculator to get an accurate result.

What is the difference between a single bet and a total bet in the calculator?

Next to the amount input field, there is an option to choose whether the bet will be a single bet (for one combination) or a total bet (for the whole slip).