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Lay Bet Calculator

Calculate your lay bets with our free Back and Lay betting calculator. In order to calculate your Lay stake you need to add the back and lay odds, the commission percent and your back stake. Then hit the Calculate button and you will receive the Amount to Lay, the Liability on this bet and the amount you will win. You can adjust the amount you want to Lay with the slider below the table.

The slider allows you to place custom match lay bets and change your overall position if you win or lose your back bet.

Good luck with you back and lay bets. Check our Odds Calculator if you need help with converting odds.

Lay advanced calculator

Part lays already in place

There are two types of bets in sports exchanges – Back and Lay. The former is easy to explain because it resembles betting in traditional bookmakers – the bet is multiplied by the odds. But the second type is harder to understand, especially by people who are just getting into trading.
This is the reason why we have created a lay bet calculator that is free and generally accessible to all bettors. It has been constructed in the best way to make it easier for users and to give them comprehensive information about possible gains/losses.
At the beginning, the type of odds is selected and whether the lay bet is normal or free is indicated. In the following fields, the back and lay bets are entered, as well as the commissions charged by the respective exchange. Some companies feature low fees (2-3%), while others take between 8% and 10%.
Once a bet value is entered and the calculate button is highlighted, a table with the required information appears at the bottom. Use it skillfully to create a successful lay bet with a decent return.

How to use the tool

Compared to the exchange beting calculator, this one is advanced. The fact is that it requires filling in more data, but on the other hand, returns more detailed information.
Here are the basic steps for using the tool:

  1. Mark whether the odds will be decimal, American, or fractional.
  2. Specify the type of lay bet – normal or free.
  3. Enter the odds and commission to the back bet.
  4. Next, fill in the odds and commission regarding the lay bet.
  5. In the “Bet” field, enter the amount you are willing to risk.
  6. Check the “Calculate” button and a table with the results will immediately appear.
    We have provided a button to reset the data if you decide to make a new calculation. You are allowed an unlimited number of attempts and calculations, so rest assured and take full advantage of the calculator.

When it is useful to use our calculator

The free lay bet calculator app is suitable for anyone planning to participate in a sports exchange. You can use it freely both via computer and mobile device if you are on the go.
In case you have decided to place an opposite bet, the tool will do a great job for you. You provide information on odds and commissions, and the algorithm instantly returns results for your overall win and loss position.
There is a scroller attached to the calculator that lets you change the minimum and maximum amount to bet. This way the numbers change in real time and you get a better idea of your expected win/loss.

Lay bet explanation

What is a Lay bet and why is this term used so often in betting circles?
While many people shy away from lay betting, there is actually nothing complicated about it. Simply put, they serve to bet against a market.
Consider the following example: in the NBA, there is a game between the Sacramento Kings and the Oklahoma City Thunder. You’re confident the Kings won’t win at home – then place a lay bet on the home team to win. In case of success for Oklahoma, you win.
For the calculator, it is important to indicate whether you are participating with a normal bet, or using Free Bet. In the latter case, the amount wagered is not returned.

Sports for which we can use the calculator

Like the Sure bet calculating tool , it doesn’t matter which sports and leagues the selections are from. Exchanges accept lay bets on a variety of disciplines, and these are the most popular among users:

  • Basketball – NBA and Euroleague;
  • Tennis – Grand Slam, ATP, WTA;
  • Ice Hockey – NHL;
  • American Football – NFL;
  • Baseball – MLB;
  • Football – Premier League, Champions League, La Liga.

When selecting a market, check whether or not the event has started. For games that have started, there are often blocked selections due to score changes and stat updates.

Final words

Without a doubt, the use of a lay bet calculator will contribute to an easier calculation of the responsibility you have to take. The tool shares you basic information about the bet and its risks, calculated after entering odds and commissions.
Thanks to the calculator, you do not have to do your own calculations and waste unnecessary time. Provide the required data and within seconds you will receive the final results. You have unlimited access to the app regardless of the device used.
Remember that betting on sports exchanges involves risks and must fall within the bounds of reason.

What is the difference between a normal bet and a Free Bet?

When you participate with Free Bet, its value is not returned if the prediction is successful. This affects the final results, so you are required to specify if the bet is free.

What does the lay bet liability in the calculator mean?

The liability of a lay bet is the amount that is withdrawn from the bank if the prediction is unprofitable. The calculator can be easily changed to see what the win-loss totals are.