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Sure bet calculator

Sure bet calculator


Using a sure bet calculator, you will find out if arbitrage is possible and what odds are set for optimal profit. The tool is completely free and presents the data in tabular form for maximum ease.

Overview of the Sure betting calculator

The calculator is set with default data that you can adjust as you wish. There is no limit to the tests and calculations, and no limit to the type of markets. You can calculate 2-out, 3-out, 4-out markets using the add new result button.

A total bet is filled in at the bottom. This is the bank you have available for arbitrage. Higher up, the odds and commissions to the individual options are entered to calculate the stake needed to place to each.

To change the type of odds, use the drop-down menu in the top area. They are decimal by default, but Fractional and American odds are also accepted.

How to use it

Using a sure bet calculator is not that complicated, but care must be taken when filling in the data to achieve an accurate calculation.

As noted, there are several important fields – odds, exchange commission, total bet.

The steps for calculating arbitrage are as follows:

  1. Specify odds type – fractional, decimal, American.
  2. The stake and commission of the first option are entered.
  3. Data for the second possible market outcome are filled in.
  4. A new outcome is added if the event could end otherwise (e.g., a tie).
  5. Set the amount of the total bet to be distributed among the options (the number must be greater than 0).
  6. The amount that needs to be wagered on the respective outcome to achieve arbitrage automatically appears in the “Bet” field.

In case you want to make a new calculation, tick the “Reset” button and all data in the calculator will be deleted.

Benefits of using our tool

Why is it important to use a sure bet calculator? Thanks to it you will find out if there is arbitrage and quickly calculate what bets are needed for each possible outcome.

The tool allows you to determine a starting bank that you are willing to risk and is in line with the bookmakers betting limits. In order to avoid arbitrage, some operators limit the betting stakes, especially on selections with 0% margin.

There is no limit on the options allowed in the calculator. This is useful when looking for a sure bet on an exact score or other event with more possible outcomes. You enter the odds collected from different bookmakers and instantly know if the discrepancies in valuations result in a net profit.

The “Commission” field in the calculator should also not be ignored especially if you are involved in a sports exchange. Most platforms of this kind charge a fee that ranges from 2% to 8%. Its value has an impact on the amount won, respectively necessitating the conversion of bets when arbitraging.

Explanation of the term “sure bet”

A sure bet or arbitrage bet is a term used to refer to a bet that guarantees a win regardless of the outcome of the event. This is achieved by finding odds for all possible options that overlap and fill losses.

Typically, bookmakers and exchanges deduct commissions that range from 2% to 8%. In this case, the odds of two evenly matched tennis players winning would be 1.90.

Sometimes, however, betting companies offer improved odds or do not consider the odds of competing bookmakers. It is possible that one site offers odds of 2.05 for the No. 1 tennis player, while the other offers 2.10 for his opponent to win. By taking advantage of these estimates, you can make a sure bet and win, no matter the ultimate winner of the match.

Bet round amounts because some online operators monitor arbitrage and block users who apply them. It’s also important to take into account the bet limits and any fees some platforms charge. Using an exchange betting calculator will help you determine what the net profit is on back and lay bets.

Sports for which we can use a sure bet calculator

It doesn’t matter which sport you choose, because arbitrage can be achieved and a sure bets can be won on any sport.

The calculator has the option to add multiple options, so it is possible to consider sporting events with 2, 3 or more outcomes.

The most visible arbitrages are in 2-output markets, but thanks to this tool you will identify betting discrepancies on selections with more possible scenarios. For example, in the case of tennis exact scores, if up to 3 sets are played, there are six options that go into the plans.

Relying on the golf betting calculator, you can check what the probable payouts are against the odds for each favorite. Then fill in the details in this calculator and you will find out if the bet is risk-free or if a loss is allowed on a certain outcome.

Final words

Applying a sure bet calculator will save you time when searching for arbitrage bets. More scenarios can be considered and odds are accepted in fractional, decimal and American form.

The algorithm instantly calculates probabilities and presents the necessary bets to accumulate a profit.


Is the data presented by the calculator accurate?

Yes, the algorithm returns results after applying a specific formula. If you have made an error, it will affect the output data.

How many outputs can be added to the calculator for a sure bet?

An unlimited number of options can be added to the calculator, so it is suitable when looking for sure bets in markets with many outcomes.