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Golf bet calculator

Golf calculator


The special golf betting calculator is designed for all those who love the game with a club and a ball. Its function is to make betting easier and help calculate potential winnings faster. It applies to both single predictions and different combinations, no matter the number of selections. Read the guide on how to use the tool and make golf betting more enjoyable and profitable.

Overview of the golf betting calculator

At first glance, the tool resembles the Alphabet Bet Calculator, but with the difference that it calculates more combinations. In the very first field, which is in the form of a drop-down menu, you specify the type of bet – singles, triples, patents, Yankees or other.
Your next task is to select the type of odds. Decimal odds are the most common in European bookmakers, fractional odds in the Island and American odds in North America. Specify the type that you understand and is available in your betting exchange.
Below you will find two fields – Each Way and Rule 4. These apply to betting on horse racing, motorsports, golf and other disciplines with final placings. If these rules apply at your bookmaker, it is imperative that you tick them to get the optimum result.
Enter an amount in the “Bet” field and mark whether it will be total for the slip or apply to an individual combination. For example, if you fill in 10 units per bet and play in the Patent system, the cost of the slip will equal 70 units. This is dictated by the fact that Patent consists of 7 separate bets.
Last but not least, fill in the odds of the selected markets and note their outcomes if they have already completed. In addition to “Win”, there are options such as “Dead Heat”, “Lose” and “Cancel”.

How to use the golf betting calculator

If you’ve ever placed a bet in a bookmaker, using the calculator won’t be difficult. It is as simple as possible and contains the essentials for calculating your expected winnings.
However, to minimize risks and problems, we go through all the steps to apply the tool.

  1. Specify the bet type from the drop-down menu.
  2. Select the type of odds you will be filling in.
  3. Check if Rule 4 and Each Way apply to your bet.
  4. Enter a value for the amount wagered.
  5. Decide whether the bet is a total bet or a single combination.
  6. Fill in the odds of the selections involved.
  7. Name the results of the markets if already settled.
  8. Highlight the calculate button and a table with the final data will load.
    In case you have made a mistake or wish to recalculate the winnings, click the “Reset” button. The data will be removed and you will use the calculator again.

Benefits of applying the tool

“Golf is easy to practice, and betting on it is not very complicated,” utter people who have never bothered with both things. It probably looks easy from the side, but the truth is that both playing golf and participating in betting have peculiarities and are not at all elementary.
With the help of the golf betting calculator, you will find out what the possible return on a bet slip is. In addition to the potential profit, the net amount appears on the screen, which increases your playing balance.
When making a single bet, the calculation is simple and can be done with a simple calculator. However, when placing Patent, Trixie, Heinz, Yankee bets, additional calculations are required due to the multiple combinations.
If you have selected three selections that can be combined into a common ticket, you can use a treble betting calculating tool. It will also be helpful and return results for a full and clean win.

Golf betting explained

Golf tournaments on the European and PGA tours last for several days. Bettors can predict who will lead the standings after each day, who will finish under par and what the final standings will look like.
Of course, the bulk of the betting is aimed at the final standings, which are announced after the final hole on the final day. Some users directly predict a winner, while others use the Each Way option for victory and place.
In the golf betting calculator you will notice a “Rule 4” box that you can tick. It applies in cases where a competitor withdraws from the tournament. This way, the odds of the remaining participants are updated according to the new odds of success.
Most people place single bets on golf, but bookmakers also allow participation in combinations such as Goliath, Heinz, Lucky 15, etc. If you have opted for any of these, the win calculation tool will support you and give you a full explanation of the bet.

Final words

The calculator is available 24/7. Its use is free and does not depend on the type of device used. You can calculate the winnings of a golf bet both via computer and smartphone (Android or iPhone). Be sure to specify the type of bet slip, whether Rule 4 applies, and what the wager value is. After providing all the data and clicking the “Calculate” button, the algorithm performs an instant calculation and returns the result in a table.

What types of golf bets does the calculator calculate?

You can use this tool to calculate single and combination bets, including Heinz, Patent, Goliath, Yankee and others.

Can I change the market result in the golf betting calculator?

Yes, there is a drop-down menu attached to each selection to change its score. In addition to “Win”, you can set “Loss”, “Cancel” or “Dead Heat”.