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Treble Bet Calculator

Treble calculator


The Treble Bet Calculator is free and offers a dynamic calculation of your winnings based on the odds you enter. Although there are not many fields and you are unlikely to experience difficulties, we have compiled this guide to go through the implementation of the tool in steps. We’ll share what’s important to look out for and which sports are suitable for triple bet participation.

Treble Bet Calculator Overview

The calculator is split into two parts – at the top you fill in information about the bet, while further down you enter the odds of individual selections.
The first step is to specify the bet type – whether it will be decimal, fractional, or American. Choose the type that you understand and is available at your bookmaker.
Next you should mark whether you are participating with a two-way triple bet, i.e. you are predicting a win and a place at the same time. This option is extremely useful if you are betting on dog racing and horse racing.
You also indicate whether the “Rule 4” applies to the bet or not. It states that the odds of all runners are deducted if a runner has abandoned the race. The most common reason for triggering the “Rule 4” is injury.
Below, the bet value is entered and the odds of the individual markets are filled in. Although it is a triple bet calculator, more selections are allowed to be added. This is an added convenience and allows for easy calculation of longer accumulators (4-fold, 5-fold, etc.).

How to use the calculator

We hope the following instruction will help you apply the Treble Bet Calculator to calculate your costs and expected profit.
Follow the steps one by one without skipping fields and details.

  1. Select the type of odds – fractional, decimal, American.
  2. Check if the bet is two-way.
  3. Tick the “Rule 4” box if the condition applies at the bookmaker.
  4. Fill in the amount of the bet and indicate whether it is a total or a single selection.
  5. For each selection, select the result and enter the odds.
  6. Finally click on the “Calculate” button.
  7. A table with three columns will appear at the bottom of the screen – Total Cost, Total Return, Net Profit.
    Multiple use of the tool is allowed, similar to the Sure Betting Calculator. Press the “Reset” button and all data will clear.

Benefits of using the tool

Why is it worth trusting a treble bet calculator before placing a bet with an online bookmaker? Here are 5 reasons why:

  • Try different variations and combinations;
  • You enter the odds in decimal, American or fractional form;
  • You get information about the total costs;
  • You learn how much the full return is;
  • Find out what the net profit is after removing the bet amount.

For each market there are 4 possible outcomes – winner, dead heat, loss, cancel. Specify how the bet was settled by the bookmaker/bookmaker and you will find out if the payout is correct or not.

Treble bet explanation

A triple bet is a type of combination that consists of three selections. In order to achieve a win, each of the picks made must necessarily turn out to be a winner. Even if one mistake is made – the bet is lost.
For example, you select three races that will take place in the next few minutes and make the following bet:

  • Race 1 – Runner 7 to win (2.20)
  • Race Two – Win Participant #5 (3.00)
  • Race Three – To be won by runner #4 (2.85)

With a bet of 10 units you will be fighting for a win of 188.10. The calculator will show you another amount that is slightly lower because it represents the net profit without the bet amount.

Sports for which we can use the calculator

Unlike the exacta bet tool , which is primarily applied to horse racing predictions, this tool applies to all sports. Triple betting is allowed with markets from football, tennis, basketball, NFL games.
In 90% of bookmakers and exchanges there is a requirement to add at most 1 market from a given match. For example, you can’t predict both Handicap and Total Points in an NBA game unless you rely on Bet Builder, but this feature is not that common.
The Triple Bet Calculator has no requirement to specify the sports. It only requires noting the outcome of the selection and marking whether the Each-way bet and Rule 4 apply.

Final words

Thanks to the treble bet, you can fight for a bigger win without risking a lot of money. The odds of the markets involved are multiplied by each other, and then the total bet is multiplied by the bet set.
On the other hand, a triple bet carries risks and requires precise guessing of the results. In the event of an incorrect prediction, the amount wagered goes to the exchange.
If you are using the calculator to check if your bet has been settled correctly, be sure to indicate the outcome of the prediction from the “Outcome” column. For example, if there are more winners in the race, the “Dead Heat” rule applies, which results in splitting the odds, respectively lowering the profit.

What will be the result of a triple bet if there is a losing selection?

Even if only one of the markets turns out to be unwinnable, the bet is counted as a loser and no profit is paid.

What happens if Rule 4 applies for a triple bet?

In the event that a bettor withdraws before the start of the race, the odds of the remaining bettors are reduced. Depending on the deduction percentage you can set in the calculator, the final winnings are calculated.