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What is 4-fold in sport betting?

What is a 4-fold bet?

While exploring the types of parlay bets at the bookmakers, you will come across the term “4-fold” or “fourfold”. But do you know what it means?
A 4 Fold is a type of accumulator bet (straight column) that consists of four selections. It is mainly used for predicting horse races and football matches in order to achieve a bigger profit.Example of a 4-fold bet
On weekends there are hundreds of horse races and football matches taking place all over the world. This allows sports fans to choose more markets in which they find resonance. But the difference between a single and a 4-way bet is enormous.

For example, you have selected the following four markets:

  • Milan vs Udinese – mark 1 @1.60;
  • Napoli vs Inter – Goal/Goal @1.70;
  • Arsenal v Newcastle – sign 1 @1.75;
  • Bayern Munich vs Werder Bremen – Over 2.5 goals @1.58.

Let’s say your budget for the weekend is €/$40. If you place a singles bet on the four selections listed, i.e. €/$10 per bet, and they turn out to be successful, you will win a total of €/$26.30.
Now let’s play with the same €/$40 budget and using the 4-fold betting.
In a four-fold accumulator, the odds of the markets are multiplied by each other, and then by the bet. In this case, you have a total stake of 7.52 and a bet worth €/$40, so you could win €/$300.80 Sounds better, right?

When is the term “4-fold bet” used?

The term fourfold or 4-fold in much more popular in Western Europe and the USA rather than Eastern Europe, where betting with 3, 4, 5, or more selections is called simply a “column”.
However, it is correct to use the correct names, especially when participating in system combinations. For example, if you choose the Lucky 15 system, which is available on most sites, you should know that it includes: 4 singles; 6 doubles; 4 trebles; one 4-fold bet. In order for the quadruple combination to win, all picks must hit.

How to win from 4-fold bets

If you are planning to participate with accumulators, 4-way bets are one of the best options. On the one hand, they offer good odds, but on the other, they require hitting quite a few events.

Our professional advice is to reduce the 5-fold or riskier combination bets.
Horse racing fans can add bets on the winner or forecast for upcoming races during the day. It is helpful to read Dead heat rules in horse racing in order to inform yourself about the possibilities and different outcomes of the game.

Soccer bettors have the option of combining matches that take place on different days – e.g. Saturday and Sunday. Soccer fans can also take advantage from clean sheet bets to maximize their profits.

It is recommended that the selections that are included in a 4-way accumulator are carefully selected and analyzed. The aim is to guess four matches, so markets with high odds and underdog bets should be avoided.