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Clean sheet betting in soccer

Bets on a clean sheet

Soccer is a game of goals, but teams don’t always score goals and score goals. That’s why bookmakers accept bets on both scoring goals and keeping a clean sheet.
In this guide we will share what are the options to play when you expect a solid performance of a lineup in defense.

Clean sheet bet markets

In the betting world, there are primary and secondary markets that sometimes correspond to the same statistical indicator.
For example, the no goal/goal option means you expect only one team to score or the game to end in a no-score draw. But bookmakers also accept bets like:

  • Home/ Away to concede a goal – Yes or No;
  • Home/ Away to score – Yes or No;
  • Team to score in the match – Home team, No goal, Away team.

Team to concede a goal – NO. By doing this, you are reinforcing your position that one team.
Home or away – will keep the “zero” on the scoreboard against their name.
You also get better odds than with No Goal/Goal because you are limiting the prediction to a specific player in the match.

How to calculate the odds for Clean sheet bets

When is it most logical to bet on a clean sheet in a soccer play? Naturally, when a clear favorite and a total underdog meet.
For example, if Real Madrid take on a representative of the second or third division in a match of the Copa del Rey tournament, it is unlikely that many will expect a hit in favor of the guest. This is also true for traders who will set a lower bet for the “Real to concede a goal – No” mark.
In case we make the opposite bet to the generally accepted one – e.g. the underdog to finish the match without a goal scored, we will get odds in high levels.
It is advisable to look for high stakes when the underdog is the home team and shows stability in defense. If the favorite has problems and goes without its main striker, this will add to the value of the bet.

It’s good to learn more about reverse model as it can greatly reduce the loses from future match betting.

Bet on a clean sheet in other sports

Can a basketball team participating in a professional tournament keep from cashing points? Or a volleyball team from losing a giveaway? We can probably agree around the answer, “NO.”
So in other sports finding application in online betting, there are alternative options in the market for a clean sheet. For example:

  • Tennis player to lose a set – NO (you can learn more about tennis betting from our in-depth article in case you are more of a tennis fan)
  • Volleyball team to lose a game – NO;
  • Basketball team to lose a quarter – NO.

It is theoretically possible in handball and ice hockey to bet on a clean sheet, but unlike soccer, these sports are high-scoring. Even absolute underdogs score goals in opponents’ goals.
Only in low-scoring hockey contests can clean sheet be sought. The likelihood of this happening in the NHL is very small and the bet is too risky.