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What does “+” and “-” mean in sport bettings?

What is “+” and “-” in sports betting?

In addition to numbers and terms, there are signs in sports betting – “+” and “-“, which indicate the expectations of the specialists. They are added to odds and lines, and bettors need to be aware of their meanings to make the right decision.

Plus and Minus in odds

Odds in bookmakers are divided into two types – one denotes the advantage of the favorite, and the other – the underdog’s gap.
For example, odds of (-200) indicate that we need to bet $200 to win $100. Bets with a “minus” target the favorite in the event. The more money we have to risk, the better the odds of taking the winning side.
Odds with a “+” sign are used when betting in favor of the underdog.

Example: if you notice a bet (+250), it follows that if you bet $100 – you will win $250.

Understanding the principles of Return On Investment (ROI) in sport bets will ensure higher rewards from the games.

Bookmaker commissions

There is no betting company that offers maximum even odds for two-outcome events (-100 vs -100).
For example, the Phoenix Suns and Milwaukee Bucks are evenly matched teams whose NBA matchup is difficult to predict. Each team is expected to win at odds of -100. But in order to generate revenue from users’ bets, the gambling brand deducts a margin (vigorish) and equates the odds to -110. Thus, to win $100, it is necessary to risk $110 instead of $100.

Plus and Minus on lines and markets

We’ve clarified the use of “+” and “-” in American odds, but these signs find application in some markets as well. A great example is the Asian handicap.
The minus sign gives an edge to the favourite. For example, a bet on AH (-3.5) is profitable if the selected team wins by a margin of 4 points. In the opposite case, AH (+3.5) will win if the underdog is successful or loses by a maximum of 3 points.
Asian Handicap and Asian Lines are available for bets on basketball, baseball, American football and other sports.