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What is Parlay in sports betting?

What is Parlay in sport bets?

Parlay is the most popular bet at online bookmakers. It is widely used by users who want to generate more profit by taking minimum risk. Below, we’ll take a look at the essence of this type of bet, how it is applied and what its problem areas are.

The essence of parlay betting

Unlike most system combinations, parlay bets are easy to learn and you will adapt to them quickly.
Their basic idea is that they combine several smaller bets into a common slip. The odds of the individual selections are multiplied together, and then multiplied by the set total bet to calculate the expected payout.
You win if all the markets on the ticket are correctly predicted. If one of the options is unprofitable, you lose!

See also fourfold method in sports if you are curious about multi-type of betting and would like to drastically increase the profits in case you got the outcome of the game right.

Various labels of Parlay bets

Parlay is a term that is primarily applied in Western bookmakers. Also, it is widely known as:

  • Straight column;
  • Accumulator;
  • Combination (combo) bet;
  • Multiple Combination;
  • Multi bet.
    Regardless of the term used, the application is the same – the aim is to correctly predict several events of the run.

Example of a winning parlay bet

Multiple combinations can involve different sports, matches and markets. For example, it is allowed to combine the final winner of match #1 with the total number of goals (under/over) in match #2.
Here is a visual example of a parlay bet (straight column):

  • Arsenal v Bournemouth – Over 2.5 goals @1.60;
  • Liverpool v Manchester United – Over 2.5 goals @1.70;
  • Atletico Madrid v Sevilla – Home win @1.65.
    In this particular case, these draw selections turned out to be winners. Next, their odds are multiplied (1.60 * 1.70 * 1.65) to form a total bet that equates to 4.49. This, in turn, is multiplied by the stake. For example, if we bet £10, we can win a total of £44.90.

Terms and conditions

  • It is allowed to add 1 market from an event to a standard parlay bet.
  • Payout is subject to all options being profitable.
  • If there is a canceled bet, its odds will be set to 1.00 and a win will be paid against the odds of the remaining markets in the parlay.
  • Parlay combinations can be made for both pre-match and live bets.
  • There are bookmakers that offer an ACCA bonus (increase) for parlay bets containing 3 or more selections.

Knowing about bet cancellation in sports will always come in handy as it provides valuable information and can make all the difference between winning or loosing the bet.

What are the dangers of parlay bets?

Everyone is captivated by parlay betting because it promises spectacular winnings with risking little money. But you should know that a large percentage of bookmakers’ revenue comes from customers who participate with long multiple combinations.
Our appeal is to combine up to 3 selections into an accumulator (parlay) whose odds of performing are realistic. If there are riskier picks with high stakes, the best solution is to bet in a system.