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Hedge in sport betting

What is Hedging in betting

If you want to be more successful at sports betting, it is advisable to be familiar with as many betting systems and strategies as possible. With their help, you will have better chances of success. They are based on dozens of studies and mathematical analyses and if applied successfully, they will surely benefit you. One of these systems is called Hedging, and in today’s article we will take you through the details of how it works and how you could apply it successfully and ensure a better success rate. In case you’re looking for another gambling strategy check out our Reverse betting guide.

Basically, hedging is a term from the financial markets. In sports betting, the idea is to bet on the opposite outcome of what you’ve already played. The aim is to hedge and minimize your risk, and ultimately have a sure win, no matter how the match ends.

How to successfully hedge a sports bet

Here is an example: if you are only waiting for one match in a straight column and the cashout is too low or not possible, you can insure yourself by betting on the opposite outcome of what you have already played – i.e. hedge in betting. In case you have played the final outcome 1, then you will make a double chance bet X2 against your previous bet.
Sample column:
14:30 Man U – Man City, bet X2, odds 1.55
18:00 Chelsea – Liverpool, bet 2, odds 2.2
21:45 Juventus – Verona, bet 1, odds 1.6
Total odds: 5.45 and a bet of €100.

A mandatory condition for hedging is that the matches must be consecutive. Otherwise you will not be able to apply this method. Assuming that in this sample column, the first two matches come out, we only expect the Juventus to do its job and not allow any surprises. But we all know that the unwritten rule is “one match to escape”. That’s why it’s good to hedge our bets. In this case, we bet the opposite of our bet and the odds for a double chance for Verona will be around 2.40. The idea is to wager an amount where no matter the final outcome of the match you will be on a sure win, albeit a small one.
To calculate how much you need to bet to be in profit, then use this simple formula for hedging sports bets: (straight column bet x column odds / hedging bet odds)

Apply the odds from the example: 100 x 5.45 / 2.6 = €209.6
This means that you should bet €209.6 on X2 of the Juventus – Verona match.

Here’s how to calculate the profit we will make by hedging

If Juventus wins: 100 x 5.45 – (100 + 209.6) = €235.4 safe profit
If Verona does not lose: 209.6 x 2.6 – (100 + 209.6) = €235.4 secure profit
Thus, by applying the hedge method, we will secure a secure profit regardless of the final outcome of the last match of the straight column!
Expected value in sport betting can also assist you in the future bets.

Tips for using hedging

Hedging is an excellent way to guarantee a secure profit or reduce losses by avoiding the unfortunate “only one match escapes me” rule. To apply it successfully you need to keep an eye on how the matches develop and decide how to act. The possibilities offered by online bookmakers also allow us to apply hedging by betting “live”, but then you have to act very quickly and this method is used by experienced players. It’s good to do your math and decide if it’s worth hedging. The only disadvantage of this system is that you forfeit the full profit, but keep in mind that in most cases it is better to make a hedge than a cashout!
In order to make the most of hedging, here are 5 important recommendations:

  • Don’t limit yourself to just one bookmaker, but play at two or more.
  • Follow the match live
  • Use a larger bankroll to be able to successfully implement the system.
  • Decide which option is more profitable: to hedge or to close the bet.
  • Hedging is not a suitable system to play with low stakes.