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Cancellation – Tennis Betting Rules

What is cancellation in tennis betting?

A topic that concerns tennis fans is what happens to their bet if a player cancels their participation in a match. The reason for this may be an injury that is painful and prevents the tennis player from moving freely on the court.
In some cases the bet is cancelled, in others it is settled as a non-winner. We cannot give a definitive answer because we have to look at the different cases and situations.

Using Back and Lay bet method will prove useful in the tennis.

Ranking ahead before the end of the match

British bookmakers use the term “Walkover Win” to denote moving forward in the tournament before the last point is played.
For example, if a tennis player withdraws due to injury or difficult playing conditions, his opponent moves on to the next round. This victory does not affect the conduct of the competition, but can confuse bettors at online sportsbooks.

What happens to tennis bets when a withdrawal occurs?

First of all, it is important to note that there are no universally accepted rules and each bookmaker acts in its own way. So read the terms and conditions before you create an account.
We’ll take a look at some of the most common ways to proceed in Europe.

  • Withdrawal or disqualification from a match – all bets are settled as void, except for those that have already been finalized
  • Interruption of a match – markets and lines remain active until the match is over (up to 48 or 72 hours)
  • Court change – some bookmakers return bets while others wait for the final result.

For example: if you bet on over 23.5 games and 24 games have already been played, a tennis player quitting will not affect your bet and it will be successful. However, if less than 23 games have been played and a player stops being on court, the selection is cancelled and the bet is returned to the game balance.
Note that some bookmakers have an “Early Payout” bonus. It is valid only for bets on the Final Score and is activated if the selected tennis player leads by two sets. Even if his opponent gives up in the third set, the bet remains profitable.

How to proceed with futures bets

Futures bets are long-term predictions about the winner of a tournament or the eventual finalists.
Imagine that you bet on Roger Federer to win an ATP 500 series event, but he withdraws in the second round. How will your bet be settled?
In most places the selection is reported as unwinnable, but there are sites that cancel the bet and refund the money.
It also makes a difference whether the tennis player has taken part in a match of the competition or has withdrawn before the competition starts.

As final recommendation we suggest to inform about the bet cancellation in general to play in the most optimal way.