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What is bet cancellation in sports?

Cancelled bet

Why is there a cancelled bet in my account history and what does it mean? This is a frequently asked question, the answer to which can be found in the following lines.
You are about to find out when bookmakers return the bet amount, what are the reasons for this and does the cancelled bet affect the release of bonuses.

What is a bet cancellation?

When a bet cancellation condition is met, the operator settles the selection at odds @1.00. Hence:

  • You get your stake back if you bet on singles;
  • The market is not involved in the calculation of the accumulator’s total winnings.

The market is marked as “Void” and is neutral. For example, if you have combined three events in a straight column and one of them is cancelled, the potential payout will be based on the two matches that will finish.

The most common event of bet cancellation is met in the tennis. You can read more about tennis betting rules in our review.

Reasons for a cancelled bet

There are a number of factors that can force the bookmaker to cancel the bet and return the amount to the balance. If you are unclear as to why the selection on the slip is marked as “void”, email the operator’s customer service department and they will explain the case to you.

Reasons # 1: Because of a match cancellation

A large percentage of bookmakers have a rule that requires a bet to be cancelled and money refunded if the match is not held within 48 hours of the scheduled start time.
Reasons for cancelling an event include:

  • Poor weather conditions
  • Busy schedule of team(s)
  • Accident, etc.

Reasons # 2: Because of a market rule

Did you know that there are marketers that will refund your money in certain scenarios? This category includes:

  • Tie No Bet – if the game ends without a winner;
  • Asian Handicaps – if a condition is met for a hiccup or win;
  • Asian Goal Lines – for example, if you have predicted over 2.0 goals and there are exactly 2 hits.

Reasons # 3: Because of a bonus

More and more new and tempting offers are popping up on betting sites to improve the user experience. One of them is called “Cashback at 0-0” and it is activated if the match ends goalless.
Singles bets are ranked on goal scorer, exact score, first/last against the respective operator’s rules.
Example: if you predict a 2:1 result but the match ends in a 0:0 draw, the bookmaker will return the entire stake to you.

How do cancelled bets affect bonuses?

It is important that you read the rules of the offers you participate in. One of them states that no cancelled bet contributes to the draw of bonuses taken. This is the reason to avoid betting on Asian lines and DNBs when drawing credits (Free Bets).